Maranatha Adventist School



.     Tuition consists of ten equal payments of $245 for the first child, $235 for the second child, $225 for the third child and $205 for any child thereafter.  Total tuition for a year is $2450, $2350, $2250, and $2050 per child respectively. 

     A registration fee of $220 per child is also charged.  The minimum amount payable at registration is the first month's tuition plus one-half of the registration fee.  Those who wish to pay the entire year in advance will receive a 5% discount on tuition.  Those who wish to pay a semesterin advance will receive a 3% discount on tuition.
     There will be a registration each semester.  First semester registration will be at the school and second semester registration will be via mail-in forms.  All past due accounts must be paid prior to either registration.
     Each family account will receive a monthly billing statement showing current charges, credits and balance due.  Payment is expected by the 30th of the month. Accounts more than 30 days old will be considered by the Board for further action as the situation warrants.  Accounts more than 60 days old will be sent a letter from the Chairman of the Board requesting that payment or other arrangements be made within 15 days.  If payment or other arrangements have not been made by the deadline, the student will not be allowed to attend school.